It struck me this morning how you gain a certain level of intimacy or familiarity with your neighbors. I live in a townhome community, so I literally share walls with neighbors. With so many people in close proximity, you're bound to see and hear things you wouldn't normally. There is a level of thumping you become accustomed to with neighbors that have young children, for instance.

I also have a dog, and don't really give it a second thought what I'm wearing when I need to take her out. I'm always dressed, don't get me wrong; but I have no problem taking her out in my PJs or in grungy work (or work-out) clothes.

I was standing in the common area chatting with a neighbor I know while our dogs ran around this morning when this thought dawned on me. We're both standing there in our pajamas at 0730 and just having a nice conversation about the holidays, weather, etc.

It's kind of nice to get to know your neighbors a bit, isn't it?