YearCompass 2020

I first tried a YearCompass back in 2017 (for the 2018 year). It was the first time I truly planned out my goals and gave some forethought to the year ahead ... as well as reflect on the year that had passed. It was a really good exercise for me. I'm not a planner by nature, I have sort of just flowed with life as it comes; which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Anyway, last year I did not complete a YearCompass. I started one, but my job (a government contract) was in a monthly bridge situation, so it was getting renewed monthly while a recompete request was completed. Then there was a month of government shutdown (in which I ate through my savings ... thanks Congress ... but I'm not bitter). Then I lost my 12 year old dog in January. So, the beginning of the year was off to a rocky start. I decided to push back completing the YearCompass. Then it was suddenly October and I hadn't done it. Oops.

So I worked on it for 2020 this past weekend. I wish I'd done it last year, even with the uncertainties. It's a wonderful baseline for the year and serves as a guide for decisions throughout the year.

If you've never done one, I highly recommend it. Visit to download and/or print the latest one. Set aside a couple hours over the course of a couple days to sit down and fill it out. Day one will be the year that just passed. Day two will be the year ahead.

If you do it, I would love to hear what you think (you can hit me up over on Twitter).